My name is Max Taylor and I am a well rounded graphic designer and web design artist for hire in Oceanside, CA. I specialize in Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as logos,T-shirt designs, CD covers, photo effects and invitations.
Cool-tutorialPer4mTaylorThanks for checking out my website though, I appreciate customers coming in to checkout my work, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also make sure to check out my gallery! Thanks.
 T-shirt Design

T-shirt-2I’ve created custom designs to be printed on cotton shirts, using Adobe Illustrator. The Vector Design was saved to that it could be sized up/down without any loss of resolution. See examples of my work in my gallery.

 Logo Design

I have designed several logos for clubs, businesses, and clothing all from scratch. If you would like a quote on creating a logo, feel free to contact me any time!LogoLeadership


Lighting effects/photo retouch

I am well rounded with retouching photos and creating cool lighting effects to make a picture really stand out! One example of my lighting effects is the soccer player Messi with the lighting effects. If you need any retouching on photo’s just contact me.Model-Per4Taylor